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  1. Trip is going well so far. The Pilot could use some heavier springs in the rear for this highway dips at 80MPH 🙂 MPG was awesome and the avg for our 1200mi so far is 20.4. It was my oldests birthday the day before we left so I got her a new ride. This Vitus bike is great. She loves it and the hand brakes were no issue for her. She switched from a coaster brake bike and 14” wheels. We’re working on shifting which she almost has done.
  2. OTBS, got my new yardsign😁
  3. I'm waiting for the taste test results. I have had both of those. EJ is also probably my favorite IPA. I don't think they're close but maybe I need to do a taste test too!
  4. The 2 sections of Double Down are what I end up riding most on my evening rides when I only have a short amount of time to be out. They are closest to my house as I approach from the west, but are also the trail sections I like the most. Just personal preference, but then again, I also 'like' Thumper, not that I am any good at riding it or have been In a while. Just must be a case of self torture tendencies. 🙂
  5. Every time I start feeling comfortable at Walnut and like a badass I go out to double down and realize I still suck Sent from my SM-A115AZ using Tapatalk
  6. Electric Jellyfish blew my mind. It was one of the first hazy IPAs I had, and I thought that all hazy IPAs would be just as glorious. Boy, was I wrong. I like some, but give me a good old fashioned west coast IPA over most of hazy/juicy attempts. As my brewmaster friend said "we spent all this time figuring out how to make beer clear, now we are adding shit to make it hazy??" Fresh Kicks is one of the better ones, though.
  7. I wonder about that too. Tossing the poop off the trail somewhere would be less polluting. There's plenty of non-domestic animal shit out there already. Preserving it in bags makes ZERO sense.
  8. Also, SNL skit: Bad Idea Jeans See also: Why shouldn't I ride? It won't be THAT muddy...
  9. Three sundays ago I picked up 13 Michelob Infusions bottle caps. Two sundays ago, I picked up 14 Busch cans. This sunday, 16 more Michelob Infusions bottle caps. This is all at the same BCGB trailhead, in a nice neighborhood. It is a pretty popular place to park for MTB, hikers, and runners, but you don't see many of the swimmer/partiers out there, so I'm thinking this is one of us. Don't get me wrong, I picked these up while drinking beer after a ride, but take your fucking trash with you or no one will be allowed to park there!!! So if you see someone hammering Michelob Infusions at the trailhead, kick him in the nuts once for drinking Michelob Infusions and again for leaving his shit for the rest of us to clean up.
  10. True, don’t make anyone worry about you I guess. I got in with the mojo R&I RLAA group, and got dropped frequently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I think of Walnut like an old girlfriend. Have not seen her in awhile and I forgot how annoying she was , hook up again and I am reminded what a pain she was to be around. But I miss her anyways
  12. I tried this once on the road with team 787 on a Saturday Ride out of Mellow Johnny's. I'm not 100% sure but there may have been a young MTB celebrity in that ride wearing basically gym clothes but kicking butt. I lasted for a while before the elastic broke and I said by to them. I agree on trying to ride with a faster group to learn and to make you faster. Just let them know you'll eventually drop off and go on your own and you'll be OK, even if it's a drop ride it's nice to let them know.
  13. Deception is badass, and certainly a LOT better/harder than Walnut.
  14. Shiners and Buffalo trace whiskey are my regular go to's but really when it comes to beer I'm not picky ... just no shandys or ciders..or light anything unless I plan on drinking all day Sent from my SM-A115AZ using Tapatalk
  15. Oh yeah..Reminds me of good old College days Fox and Hound at A&M had this on tap and we would down a bunch of them on $2 pint night Very smooth for the alcohol content Sent from my SM-A115AZ using Tapatalk
  16. Wow! Amazon wanted $600 for that first one. A search showed me the way to thriftbooks.com where I bought both of those for <$12 shipped. Can't wait to get them. Thanks!
  17. That reminds me. You ever see those quick-disconnect/breakaway disconnects on gas pumps? I often wondered, WTF kind of people would do that? Then it happened to me in Oklahoma after many hours of driving. I stopped immediately, took the dispenser and hose section out of my car and went back inside, asking about how to pay for the damage. He told me not to worry about it and someone would come in to put it back together, and thanked me for coming in. Most people just drive off with the whole thing!
  18. I thought about naming it something more specific but decided it would be more fun if it went off on some tangents. It reminds me of an old 90's area SNL skit about a support group for people who ruin things for everyone else. There was someone who decided to drive off without paying for gas which prompted the "pay before you pump" rule. And the guy (played by Adam Sandler IIRC) who peed all over public bathrooms for fun, now bathrooms are for paying customers only. etc. I searched the youtubes for a bit, but couldn't find the skit.
  19. Every time I see the title to this thread (WTF is wrong with people?), I'm reminded of Guy Noir on Prairie Home Companion: It's a dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets, but on the 12th floor of the Acme Building, one man is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions...Guy Noir, Private Eye. "WTF is wrong with people" definitely ranks right up there as one of life's persistent questions.
  20. This. I do love me some Pinthouse Electric Jellyfish, probably has been my favorite juicy/hazy IPA and favorite beer overall. I have started to see it on shelves in the liquor store, but at around $20 for 4-16oz cans even at the restaurant, Fresh Kicks is certainly a much greater value and is my go to beer at present, I splurged and got some EJ recently and I'm not so sure now that Fresh Kicks isn't every bit as good. On tap I have paid $7-8 for a pint of EJ; that is a bit excessive. I have both in the fridge, I may do a blind taste test tonight. Either way, Fresh Kicks Kicks Ass!
  21. HA! Yeah, road love is virtually non-existent, easy mistake.
  22. https://www.amazon.com/Best-Rides-Texas-White-Paperback/dp/B011MBLOCI The Best Bike Rides in Texas by Andy White - it is old - from 1995, but most of it is rural so still pretty relevant - looks like there is a second edition but that is pretty old too (1998). I have another even older one from 1993. It has a few multi-day rides as well. I like them both because they give you some good/interesting information about the area and things you may ride by. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=cycling+texas+peter+nye&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss Really good starting points for routes if anything. They were invaluable before gps/google maps, etc
  23. People do that in front of my house. They do not pick them up. I wouldn’t feel bad about calling them on it and then cussing back in respond to getting cussed out. when I see someone’s dog poop, the first thing I notice is they look around. I think those are the assholes that leave the poop or the bag behind. I make it a point to stop what I’m doing, stare at them until they bag it.
  24. Srams new spiky cock ring guarantees you'll go 30% stronger and harder... Sent from my SM-A115AZ using Tapatalk
  25. I was sold at spiky cock ring... Sent from my SM-A115AZ using Tapatalk
  26. SRAM makes shitty products that I don't want on my bike. there, I said it.
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