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Give Round Rock feedback for new Behrens Ranch Metro Park


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If you're in Round Rock, I just received an email soliciting feedback for the upcoming 224 acre Behrens Ranch Metro Park that is currently in development:


You can rank your priorities, so you can put "Trails" at the top in one question and "Mountain Bike Trals / Singletrack" at the top for another question.  And there's a comment section at the end, where I mentioned it sure would be nice to have some mountain biking trails in Round Rock (there's pretty much nothing now, perhaps some of the eastern stuff at Brushy Creek is in Round Rock, but most if not all of it is in Cedar Park).


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On 7/13/2022 at 7:32 AM, St.Bernardo said:

Thanks for adding this to the AustinBike.com home page AB! You should come up for a pre-development tour.  Also,  besides Santa Fe Brewing, do you have another brewery recommendation for Santa Fe area?

I might see if I can get up there for the tour, not sure because I have a conflict on that day.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales is a good beer stop and The Brakeroom (owned by SF Brewing) is a favorite.

Chili Line brewing was a mixed bag.

While you are there definitely try every local canned or bottled beer, they have great stuff. La Cumbre in ABQ has good distribution and incredible beers.

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23 minutes ago, St.Bernardo said:

Thanks for the recommendations.  Will report back....

On top of that, I'd say get yourself over to Joseph's Culinary Pub for an absolutely glorious dining experience, while not being overly expensive. 

And to really get your drink on, get over to Santa Fe Spirits Downtown Tasting Room. They are the producer of Santa Fe's own Colkegan whisky, and they have a great like of cocktails and other spirits. 

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On 7/14/2022 at 6:06 PM, AustinBike said:

Don't forget, if you are riding Winsor, ride it up, it makes the down that much more enjoyable. Shuttles are for pansies.

Wifey and I hike about 3.4 miles at the bottom of Windsor before grabbing a beer and snack at the Tesuque Village Market.   

Fell in Love with Red River Brewing Co. Copper Chair Amber.


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