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  1. I happened to be standing next to the yellow caution tape (East of Parmer) on Peddlers Pass when a guy in his 20's, no helmet, and wearing Beats Headphones stopped and ducked under the tape to exit the trail. I said "Hey man, that's not an exit" before I could explain the reasons why that was a bad place to exit the trail (safety, erosion, dumbassery etc.) he came back with "This is AMURICA" and rode off to the West side of Parmer. Needless to say.........TRIGGERED. Then I just "happened" to run into him again at a choke point on the trail with my bike perpendicular to the trail, with no way around. I said, "I heard what you said over there about this been AMURICA". I was fully prepared for the onslaught of abuse he was about to hurl at me. To my surprise, he calmly turned around and rode off the wrong way without saying a word. Since the trail is so twisty, it brought him close to me two more times. It gave me the chance to let him know "you're going the wrong way on the trail" and "you're still going the wrong way on the trail". I really wanted him to give me S!@# about blocking the trail so i could have responded "This is AMURICA". I know I should have let it go, but F!@#, I'm not infringing on your constitutional rights, I'm not the man keeping you down, I'm trying to keep the trail I've spent literally thousands of hours building safe, fun, and sustainable.
  2. I think it's awesome how everyone that rides past me always shows so much concern for me. "Whoa, dude! are you alright?, do you want me to call 911? Do you have and emergency contact I can call? Have you seen a doctor lately?"
  3. The dirt last night was like FirstBlood in a gay club...HOOKIN UP! I would love to extend a huge cyber hug to whomever put up the sign at the East end of Rimjob. I love it! I can’t speak to putting nails in trees but preliminary google search says no serious harm. I didn’t ride Deception to see if the signs were put there as well but they certainly apply. 👏🏼
  4. You'll get arrested in Williamson Co. for having cotton mouth, even the snakes know this.
  5. Those were the first two trails I took my 10 year old son to after getting him his first real mountain bike. He can sometimes be timid, so I thought it was just awesome when he decided to immediately retry one of the features after taking a spill on the first attempt. Having convenient access to trails like Peddlers is actually the main reason why we bought him a real mountain bike. That also led to my relatively recent purchase of a HT to match his bike. Thanks to the builders, I have these great moments with my son, but much more importantly, an excuse I readily used to buy another bike.
  6. Little know fact, I started building Peddlers Pass so I would have somewhere to ride with my kids.
  7. For the record, I bought my daughter her first real mountain bike for her 10th birthday, and her first real MTB ride was on snow white then peddlers pass. She hasn't stopped talking about it for the past two weeks 🙂 Especially the fact that she rode a trail called "snow white."
  8. Maybe 😁 Here's a short clip going over the new feature we helped make a few weeks back on outer log loop at Walnut. I've got a total of 3 OW riders so far coming this Saturday to help work on the trails at Peddlers. We were ready for the last one but the rain shut it down. I look forward to meeting some of the Brushy Creek crew! 20190426_161731.mp4
  9. If you're fast enough you'll be able to clear the middle of the bridge.....oh.....and we fixed the drainage issues and stopped people riding through the creek.
  10. Here are some pictures from someone who remembered to take some (I never remember to take pictures.). Safety talk (only part of the volunteers shown). Before - During- Crew at the end - New berm from one direction - New berm from the other direction -
  11. My buddy Alex puts together some great videos, so here is another one to start this weekend off with some stoke! I hope yall like it. This was filmed mostly at Walnut creek on the outer log loop. I'm the guy in the blue shirt if anyone was wondering. Have a great weekend!
  12. Bridge is done. I just need to put dirt on each end for a smooth transition.
  13. I know this conversation is much bigger than Onewheels, but for the record, I don't think anyone in the Onewheel community is asking for any B lines. We expect to carry in a few spots- it's part of the game. If it's too much carrying, then we find another trail, or come back when we are better riders. As a MTB rider I have always felt this way, and never expected anyone to make a difficult trail easier, so that I could ride it. In today's environment, I'm not sure what the best stance is on the subject, so I'll leave it to the experts. I'm happy to work on whatever the leader of the trail maintenance suggests. If that is B lines, then let's make some B lines. I'm still learning and taking it all in. This past weekend, 2 of my friends joined me at Walnut to work the trails. We were 3 of 9 total volunteers, although one friend had to leave early to teach Sunday school. We did 3 hours of straight shoveling in the sun. The work was done on lower powerline where we added some rollers. I think it came out great!
  14. What's the best way to help with this? As much work as you do on our trails, it makes no sense for you to be covering the cost of materials.
  15. Here is the bridge KOM just built. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  16. I'm more understanding than others around me on this issue because I was one of them long ago when I first moved here. It was acceptable to ride in wet conditions were I grew up. I went to Walnut on one of my first rides here in my 20s. It was a similar situation as now.... rained a good amount and the following weekend days were beautiful. I got about 100 yds into the ride before my bike stopped. The dirt here was far more sticky than where I came from. So I try and not scold people but inform. You dont have to travel far in this mud to make your bike look like you rode the entire trail. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  17. Can we just have everyone line up along the trail with their shovels and pummel anyone trying to ride it? Almost like running a gauntlet but they shouldn't make it much past the first turn.
  18. Here comes a rider heading towards me on the trail. We pass, I give the nod and I say, "how's it going?" The other rider pretends I don't even exist! Seriously? Hey bud, I KNOW you see me. It's just down right creepy. It doesn't matter if they have ear buds in or not. You don't have to say anything. Just nod your friggin head or something. Jeez. And this is on SATN trails where you might pass two riders all day on a ride. And that's on a busy day. So it's not like you're nodding your head continually. It's just weird to pass and not do anything. No wonder we mountain bikers get a bad reputation sometimes. If you can't even acknowledge a fellow biker I shudder to think how you react to a walker.
  19. LOL I get this. I've been totally stumped before and instead of saying "Howdy" or "What's up" I somehow mangled 2 different phrases together. Then you ride away wondering if the other guy picked up on the fact that you just yelled a friendly "Hung Ghalaeb Larfulg" at him. My best though, was after a successful 20K PR attempt one afternoon on the Veloway. I was enjoying my endorphin rush in the shade by the entrance and the only other rider I'd seen that day came by on a lap. It was one of those afternoons in the upper 90s that puts my brain in a low power standby state. For reasons that still haunt me to this day I yelled my best Flavor Flav "YEEAAAAH BOOOYEEE" at him as he went past. I rightfully received a weird look and quickly rode home full of shame. I drink to forget this and other things.
  20. I just got into the sport about 8 weeks ago and I am absolutely hooked. By far the most fun I’ve had with my pants on. I’ve got a single speed hardtail 29er and I’m still learning how to ride. Best time at PP is currently just over 22 minutes. I went ahead and signed up for the race, fully expect to be DFL but I don’t care cause it’s gonna be a blast. In other news...anyone tried riding it at night? I rigged up a pretty solid light setup and gave it a whirl a few nights ago. Totally different world out there in the dark lol .
  21. Useful wall hangings.
  22. @ Brushy Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  23. I hit Peddlers last night for the first time since the rains and definitely see the vision that KOM is pulling together. I suspect that the soil make up on most of the West side of Peddlers is 50% rock, 50% dirt. This lends itself to roughing out the trail but it will take tires and time before it reaches it's potential. Those big flowy berms are unlike anything else around here and are going to be super fun. Those guys really know what they are doing out there.
  24. Missed the R&I this week, but still managed to do some cool urban riding in San Sebastian, Spain today. There was a train that ran through the middle of the city, and because they are such a bike-crazy town, they converted the trains and the tunnels into bike paths. Here is a video of that tunnel conversion: We only did about 9 miles, close to nothing for me but a full day for my traveling companions. We finished with pintxos and beer/wine, making it a true R&I. And then more pintxos and more wine this evening. Best day of the vacation so far.
  25. This group does like taking B-Lines when discussing difficult topics.
  26. Nearly done with the frame.
  27. That's a nice gesture, thank you. I hope I didn't come off as whining about having to pay for stuff on the trail, I do it because I love trail building and want Peddlers to be the best it can be. I don't expect people to contribute financially to the trail, just ride it and enjoy it. There are several other people that have contributed financially to the trail including KOM by doing all this amazing machine work at a big discount (can't wait for everyone to see it). The owner of Northwest Construction Inc. (Steve Deborde) paid for the material on the other four bridges out of his own pocket (and built them). Skyhorn has purchased tools. Thank you guys. With that said...Home Depot gift cards would be appreciated to cover the cost of materials and tools, or random six packs of beer, or maybe a good Irish Whisky. Just hide them well, I've heard First-Blood can get thirsty some times. If you guys do purchase gift cards or beer, or whiskey I'll make sure they make it to the appropriate people.
  28. nope not how it works at all actually. apples to oranges here. the apple being this fine piece of private property with a land owner and patrons who respect the work of the trail builder, and don't seem to mind challenging themselves, or walking what they dont feel comfortable, or just avoiding the gnarly trails they dont prefer altogether. the orange being your examples of public property and patrons (yourself) who seems to feel entitled to have the trails built around your needs, and skill level. all at the expense of someone else's labor, or just disrespecting other's hard work and changing it as you see fit whenever you please. I also ask what he would like, and try to add trails for him to enjoy as well with everyone else. but the terrain there determines the characteristics of the trail before I get to decide.. Walnut Creek type smooth flow trails will never show up there because the terrain says otherwise. I work with the land, not against it. a common misconception about cat Mtn is that its nothing but a bunch of crazy whale tails and nitro circus type shit everywhere. which isn't true at all. the overall trail system is definitely advanced and not for beginners, but there's trails there that can be enjoyed by a good variety of people.
  29. EnduraRace is pleased to welcome TEXAS Air Conditioning & Heating as the headline sponsor for the Full Gas on Peddler's Pass time trial. Marc Cook, the owner of Texas A/C & Heating and avid MTB racer, repaired my A/C unit last year. He was honest, fast, and undercut the competition by hundred$. By the way, if you have not signed up for the race, now is the time. The race is only five weeks away! https://legacy.usacycling.org/myusac/index.php… https://www.facebook.com/Texasacandheating/
  30. I also make a motion to ARR and FR512 to purchase these for all trail stewards. Just think of how much ground you could cover with a backpack leaf blower and how many mud ruts you could smash flat aboard this badass hover board wizardry.
  31. I realize some of you may have never seen a onewheel before, much less seen one in action on a trail! Here is a link to a video my good friend made - I was recording, and he is the rider. The video is of us doing a run through the inner log loop. I hope you enjoy it, and it puts the stoke in your Friday!
  32. As a Mod, I can see your edit history. You went back and edited, but left your anus hanging out there. Kudos, sir!
  33. My guess is this is supposed to say onus, but man this is great. Coffee came out of my nose just now and I thank you. #boneappletea
  34. New Bike Day. Size 54 Salsa Journeyman 700c Apex 1 build with bolt on top tube bag. Stoked for this thing. Gravel rides here, gravel/paved rides in Houston on weeks I’m there for work
  35. First of all, it rhymes with "real". If you can go around saying definitive, rhyming statements like "Steel is real" or "Bros before hoes", your argument is going to carry much more weight. Ti is fly. Alum means doom. Carbon is no bargain.
  36. Just another entitled asshole who likes to be anonymously aggressive behind his keyboard but when actually confronted has nothing to back himself up. We seem to living in a world of f**ktards.
  37. Report from the eastside - As you can see, Brushy creek swallowed up the bottom of gumdrop. Rode over to Snow White, which is totally rideable. Also rode most of gumdrop from west to east and it’s in good shape. I’d never known about the rest of “Candyland” until I saw the kick ass map that First Blood posted. I went up Snow White around what I believe is Joshua’s drop(y’all are crazy) then rode along that upper trail by the golf course( think it’s called “abort” on the map.) Finally saw the end of gnargasm in person, had only seen that ramp over the boulders in pictures and videos. Y’all are f*ckin crazy. Went up what believe was caddy shack, there was some wet limestone along a somewhat exposed ledge, sketchy enough that I walked my happy ass back up to that abort trail and rode a few sessions on the jump at the bottom of Snow White. Also rode playground which is in great shape except for one small rutty spot. Super cool discovering some new trails, but my rookie ass is gonna stick to peddlers pass for a while lol.
  38. I've really been thinking about going with a HT and SS... Fuck, I can't even type that with a straight face
  39. Some people just want to watch the world berm.
  40. I might try mack_turtle's candle wax crockpot method so that I can change the mood for each upcoming season. I'll probably start with French Lavender for this spring, then give way to Fresh Linen during the summer months. Who could resist a little Pumpkin Spice when the weather starts cooling down in the fall, and of course, smells of cinnamon, sugar cookies, and evergreen trees come holiday season. Coming up next on "Martha Steward Shreds", we'll bake a delightful, energy-packed snack bar, perfect for those long solo rides, or share them trailside with your bros.
  41. I'd like to borrow a Burley trailer and someone's toddler. Thanks in advance!
  42. I feel so horrible watching that over and over and over...but I can't help it.
  43. Here is a link to the problem with riding wet trails. Yes I know that people who visit this board already know this. But you can refer other less knowledgeable people to this link. https://ntxtrails.com/why-cant-i-ride-wet-trails/?fbclid=IwAR25cCCVIyOx4p9IC8F-Pwo5nwJSwnlT7CyAH0IYKOYFmbck9Ox6BWgDWzc
  44. I think every b-line should have an additional B line (maybe call it a C line) and then that C line have a D line, and just to make sure that EVERYONE is able to ride the trail and NOBODY EVER has to walk their bike.. and then maybe even put a little miniature concrete path next to the D line just in case the D line is still too challenging for whatever individual didnt want to get off their bike won't ever have to worry about doing so.
  45. it seems for some folks, it's never going to be B enough
  46. We were all good until you food extremists started with the diet of the day, x is evil, etc. 😀 I took CPR (lapsed though) and the stats given for chance of survival with CPR were 10-12%. AEDs are only for v-fib, so they don't really fix everything. But ask Stanton Truxillo (old Austin Cycling president) if he wasn't glad someone knew CPR when he had his event during a ride! 100% agree go get a stress-test with an echo cardiogram if you're worried and/or have a family history. Go get a colonoscopy if you're over 45 and with risk factors. Then stop worrying about it and go ride a lot and eat all the things in moderation (I believe in Michael Pollan's: real food, mostly plants, not too much)
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