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  1. The High Line at Snail Trail is nearly done.
  2. The heats not the issue, it's the f'ng humidity that kills me. It's worse in the morning.
  3. Great to hear from you buddy! I rode through June, had 5 rides in July, and 0 in August. I've got all the exercise equipment I need indoors; so for me it just hasn't been worth riding in the heat. Looking forward to getting back out in a the next few weeks though as we should start to see some cooler / crisper mornings at least.
  4. Shut your yap! 😄 Quit braggin. It might get below 70 here too. Someday.
  5. I fell off the map. Started spending quality time riding the moto. Though, I am in Taos as I write (with a couple of blue toes from a rock strike on today's MTB ride) and will be headed to Pagosa Springs on Monday for a few days at a friend of the missus' home, which is located in the middle of a trail system there. Haven't been out to RHR in months, mostly due to the heat, and other projects, as well as any spare time being spent tearing up unpaved roads on the Triumph Tiger 800XC. BTW, at this moment it is below 70F outside and will be 50F when I wake up tomorrow. For reference, on the dash temp at highway speed in the van I saw 113 at one point and never less than 104F while crossing West Texas to get here.
  6. Thank you but no, 650b (27.5) has no place in my stable😉
  7. Looks like a clean break. Should heal pretty well.
  8. Oktoberfest beers are the best part of this time of year. So far the Bell's has been the best followed closely by the Saint Arnold. Wasn't all that impressed by the Altstadt.
  9. Got a set of 15x100 & 12x142 650b wheels that'll fit those jakes if you guys ever want to do some test fitting.
  10. Sorry about all the questions, I'm ordering a pair right now. I want to ride it at Walnut, but the Maxxis 33's on there right now are bone jarring.
  11. Wheels down about 715 to 720ish. Got back about 830ish. Pretty crowded already. I reckon people are trying to beat the heat. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. throet

    Buds Required

    Such a well executed composition!
  13. Yellow Bike! where are you when we need you most? I've seen basic new threadless headsets for about $20. I just discovered this thing: https://www.mmynopao.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=117848 the bike in this video uses it
  14. If you are riding on the Shoal Creek greenbelt around 5th street or so, there is a downed tree:
  15. As my college prof said: "Everything flexes, even engines are flexible bags of metal."
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