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  1. Cushcore wouldn't help in this situation. Rim is cracked at spoke hole and also has other impact damage areas.
  2. Heard about that, sorry man TBH, those are an older and lighter design, and may never be up to the task of surviving the rockbike riding here in CTX.
  3. Timely thread refresh! With my replacement frame from Intense getting built up, I had just taken for granted that my "bullet-proof" DT Swiss XMC 1200 wheelset would move right on over to the new frame. The only time I "inspect" my wheels is when I change tires, and honestly, I don't really check much other than to see if I need new tape inside the rims. Been riding those wheels hard for 4+ years. Had the hubs serviced a couple of years ago; so am assuming maybe the LBS checked my rims at the time of that service. Anyway fast forward to current and @Chief, who is doing my new frame build-up for me, informed me that I've been riding on carbon rims with multiple points of damage, front and rear, including one fairly significant crack. Hoping DT Swiss will honor replacement under their Fair-Share Replacement Warranty (10-yr), which would get me new carbon rims for $249 each.
  4. I saw this earlier and thought of RidingAgain...
  5. AustinBike


    Man, that is a ton of bodies to bury. Or is it a pool? Hoping you say pool.
  6. I'm quite the opposite! I think the only time I ever rode down Sponge Bob was on a night ride (years ago, it was probably less scary then too?) following someone and not knowing it's there. Something about it wigs me out. I have ridden almost everything else in Deception including stuff that my brain knows it's worse but my sphincter doesn't. I'm mostly about keeping the wheels firmly planted on the ground XC weenie but I do try to do a few drops and jumps here and there like that post and also the little kicker cheesegrater rock on the left side (E-W) not far from the post.
  7. Colin's put together a few bikes, this one is one of his better ones. Could actually be useful for testing different fits for a rider. Enjoy the build or jump to 7:00 in for the finished bike and riding.
  8. Well, to be fair...at least Colin completes his projects.
  9. No tires allowed, but reminder for Williamson County residents, today is Household Hazardous Waste drop-off day. Really sucks that they limit to 5 containers per car. Suppose I'll test that limit and see how accommodating they will be. Electronics is not on the DO or DON'T list but I'm guessing that technically old electronics are classified as recyclable vs. waste. Might haul an old TV over there anyway just to see for sure.
  10. Sounds like you need some tire inserts. I used to run cushcore front and rear. I then got a second wheelset and moved the insert from my carbon front to my new rear. This was probably a mistake. Lol.
  11. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    R.I.P. Chrissy Amphlett
  12. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    "You never tipped us and had that roll of quarters in your ass the whole time"
  13. Went to spider last week and got so frustrated with my 100% goggles, i threw them in the trash and went without. Found some airbrakes on sale and ordered a pair. So far, WAY more comfortable than my other ones . https://www.btosports.com/cs/search?q=airbrake
  14. Sluggo


    That’s gonna feel good.
  15. Barry

    Oskar Blues

    I thought I'd come back and be clear what this is on about! In the pre-apocalypse days this ride would have as many as 35+ folks on good days. A small word of mouth group started getting back together on Thursdays for WC rides back in early fall last year. It was basically R&I Thursday edition. But then OB opened back up, and in December we got them to agree to stay open until 9:00 so that our post ride imbibing could once again be at the brewery. And that's what's going on now. And now that most conscientious folks have started getting their shots (shots! shots!), I'm comfortable moving this from word of mouth to a somewhat more formalized version, particularly since the pre and post hangout are on the massive outside pavilion and grounds. The Walnut Creek Park Oskar Blues Ride leaves every Thursday from the brewery at 6:00. It's at 10420 Metric Blvd Ste 150, Austin, TX 78758. Many folks show up at about 5:30-5:45 for a pre-gamer of their favorite OB beverage. The crew rolls out en masse very much EB style for the 2 mile spin to Gracywoods Park, where we then gather to collect anyone that didn't "make the green" on the way over. Then we enter WC at the Inner Log Loop. After IL, we generally separate into a couple or 3 or more groups and then do some version of the Standard Loop +/-. You can either tether to me for a quicker ride (sometimes civilised, sometimes not), or hang back for a more party pace with others. Generally everyone finds a decent group for their desired pain level. And the various groups do between 8 to 14 mile WC miles before heading back to the brewery for as many drinks as they're comfortable having. That tends to be a lot for me, since I ride to and from the ride. Anyway, I figure at this point all are welcome, and are likely to find a pace they enjoy.
  16. That ‘silly’ thing has provided more than a few smiles and, at least perceived, airtime. It has served well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. It is almost 10 years old 😄 It's not much of a loss though...it was one of those 'silly' things we did in the beginning.
  18. throet

    Buds Required

    Such a bad-ass track released in '74 from JW! I had all but forgotten about it though until it was re-popularized via the soundtrack from Without Limits in 1998, a great story on the wonderous and tragic life of super distance runner Steve Prefontaine. It stays on several of my playlists now though!
  19. No doubt, we should have more public lands, but I also have the admittedly optimistic view that I would rather private enterprise be the solution to problems than relying on the government to be the solution. Role of government type of stuff. And yeah, I realize how idealistic that value sounds as it's getting proven over an over to me how neither government or private enterprise gives a s*@! about me or any good will in general.
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