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  1. I think that's the difference between a "hacker" and just a "hack." hackers are defined by their skill, hacks by the lack of skill.
  2. Still too wet. I rode the east end of DD with no pickup but it’s slicker than whale dicks. Went to the east entrance of quarter and it was real mushy.
  3. I'm too anal to do bodge jobs. At most I hack. I just thought it was interesting there's a hierarchy for non-standard repairs/alterations each with its own term and which may vary between areas (e.g. computers, golf, cycling).
  4. My bike is pretty sweet...too bad with all this rain I can never ride it again until at least August.
  5. Can we talk about a bodge now?
  6. We've been watching this and enjoying it. In this context it's a person that is not so good at their craft but making a buck off of it anyway.
  7. Very common in golf vernacular. Makes sense in that context because if you are a bad golfer, you are taking ax-like hacks at the ground.
  8. It also means a person who is inexperienced or unskilled at a particular activity. This definitely fits some of these thieves.
  9. Be careful when you say "hacking." These are generally always scams that are tied to getting your money, not control of your systems. Stealing is where they take money from you, your bank, PayPal, etc. Hacking is where they are gaining access to systems. The people doing it are not hackers, they are scammers. Hackers get control of your systems without really needing you to be involved. It's like when people say "my car was broken into last night" and then inadvertently let it slip that they left it unlocked. Yeah, it seems like semantics, but when you elevate these people to hackers you're doing them a favor.
  10. Looks like rain for the next week. Walnut may be dry by August at this point. Good time to leave town.
  11. TheX

    Buds Required

    No audio, just fond memories.
  12. Staying with the old guy theme. As a older skater it's so cool to see another icon like Cab into MTB. He and No way Rey riding together is just freaking awesome!!
  13. Barry

    Buds Required

    And now for something glorious and different...
  14. We checked out YMCA stuff up on the bluff and it was 90% of the way there.....and then it rained. Again. Everything is saturated and it’s going to take days of sun and wind to dry out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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