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Brush Fire at Suburban Ninja

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I read last night that Deadwood/TLC/Too Soon all are affected.  Dewayne is heading there tomorrow for a thursday ride, so we shall see.  AJ Camp from Peddlers said they were using helo's to drop water in the area.

Just read: Bulldozers also dug a containment line overnight through there. It will be drastically different.  As of almost 6 a.m. Aug. 9, the “Parmer Lane Fire” in Williamson County is an estimated 50 acres and 40% contained.

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20 minutes ago, AntonioGG said:

Fire is now 100% contained.  Does anyone know where/how it started?  What I've read said it jumped 1431 them jumped over the houses, but the winds recently are southerly winds, so that doesn't make sense to me.

From what I saw from the drone footage it got behind the apts on the side of Sonic. Got on the backside of them in the creek sort of north of where New Edition skirts the creek then burned along the creek north and followed it under 1431. It burned UNDER 1431 in the creek, it didn’t jump the road. Then got into the houses on the north side of 1431. 

The part I’m not sure of is how it got behind the apts in the creek. Saw some footage on FB of it burning by the Boy Scout bridge on the entrance to TLC. Don’t know if it went thru the yards in the complex straight east from TLC or did an end around on new edition to get back there. 

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