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3 hours ago, ATXZJ said:

Oh god no. It was a lot of " you got this".

Sounds like coaching at Circuit of the Americas just before heading onto the track on the Panigale. That back straight is 6th gear pinned, Then diving into turn 12 at ludicrous speed.

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There's a couple of those hot tubs in moab of varying difficulty. My friends had made it out of those in their buggies and rigs with long wheelbases. Mine at the time had been stretched, but was only 100" and wasn't enough. Got almost all the way up it and slid back down and rolled backwards. Theres a ton of debris in the bottom of those from all the failed attempts that you have to clean before taking a turn. Used my buddies and my wifes jeeps to anchor and wench myself out. Jeep wouldnt run because the radiator was pushed into the fan/waterpump. Used a wench/snatchblock to pull everything back and drove it down the mountain in the dark with no coolant. After that we all went and got drunk at the brewery. 

For the most part, rollovers and crashes in rockcrawling were the norm. The good thing was they happened slowly and you almost always knew it was coming. Nothing like auto racing where the process was more: ground, sky, ground, sky, ground, sky, and finally ground. No fire? we're good😆


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