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  1. Video is too long. Didn't watch to the end. What happens?
  2. Another tip for setting up your trail tools. Before finalizing what you carry I recommend doing some basic maintenance like changing a tube/ valve stem, adjusting shifters etc. using ONLY your trail tools. This will help identify holes in what you are carrying.
  3. Yep, purchased separately. Not cheap, but it was worth it to me. Forgot to mention that the pump head unscrews to become a co2 adapter in case you need one 👍 The pump comes with a nice mount that attaches under your water bottle cage. I 3D printed a second one for my other bike, now all I have to do is swap the pump from one bike to the other and I'm all set.
  4. This thread reminds me that it's time again to empty out my fanny pack (yes I said it) and sort through all the mess. It's always amazing the amount of shit I gather over the year. Hell, last year when I did this, I found that somehow I grew another multi tool and new life form had been established from a half eaten bags of Jelly beans.
  5. I sit on the ground for 20 minutes with a busted Crank Brothers tool trying to get my tire to hold enough air to ride home. I was not successful. I edited that bit out of the video. you're welcome.
  6. If it was I'd be stupid to write it here 😉 A big goal is to survive 2020 so I wear a mask (bandana) any time I am out of the house.
  7. You want/need to learn? For me, it's getting good at manuals. So many things I struggle with would be better if I took the time to learn how to do them properly.
  8. I guess I had better try it. That was a very strong endorsement.
  9. Rode SN/ church today, great conditions but a little slimy on the rocks due to the weird fog humidity thing going on this morning. Also, checked out a bit of Gandolf, super fun! Bad news, while taking a break, I could clearly see the cedars wafting their potent powder as the wind blew. 👎 Looked like this...
  10. Very Cool pic, Love it. The perspective is deceiving though. I'd fall down the rock face in your picture, in real life, not awesome.
  11. Yeah, that was my "local" bike shop since it was about 3 blocks from my house. Always cruised over to buy what I needed from them as much as possible.
  12. I have these on my phone case: https://www.thinoptics.com/headline-reading-glasses/pods/original-black-white-pods/readers-universal-pod I need readers about once or twice a week, so having this on my phone relieves me from having to carry them around with me. Yeah, they look kinda funny but since I only have them on for a couple minutes it's cool. But I haven't been to a restaurant or grocery store since February and those were the prime reader necessity spots.
  13. to the OP there are some clearly hardest trails and clearly easiest trails. In between there are sections of trails that can be hard or easy so a ranked list doesnt really make sense. The hardest is probably cat and thumper. The easiest is walnut or south austin trail network. In between there are a lot of trails.
  14. What about resolutions? I refuse to set myself up for failure.
  15. I've never been able to find it and was hoping someone would recognize it. I ripped the pic from an old post either on MTBR or Mojo years ago. I'm guessing maybe DK, but I never got to ride there so IDK... or perhaps BCGB.
  16. cheap bastard here got a pack of PBR Extra. 6.5%, 6-pack of legit pint cans costs $6.50. it's drinkable and cheap. what more could you want?
  17. Cold days, dark beers. I have not had a beer in months....
  18. After another hot Thursday last year.
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