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  1. The original BSS building is still there at 1426 Toomey Road. Google street view shows it as gray now, with some broad green horizontal accents. I just can't remember if they ever had a very early presence on Jessie. In my experience, Hill is a fantastic guy. What most people don't get is that he started BSS before the cut-rate internet sales era, and just stayed steady, survived and thrived with great bikes and excellent customer service and many employees who have stayed on for years. Hill has been a wonderful advocate for mountain biking, served as president of IMBA and (IIRC) moved to DC for a year in that role. He's still a relatively young guy, so there will most likely be a 2nd act for him. I wish he and his family the best. So...who will have the Specialized franchise in Austin now? How this will affect Mellow Johnnie's Bike Shop, since they are TREK as well? That said, MJ's does have the coffee shop. At least pre-COVID it was always busy.
  2. Was in ATX Bikes yesterday, they are now going to be selling Santa Cruz.
  3. I am so guilty of this, lol. (pearl clutching) I'm also off the bike for a little bit due to a dance central injury. It is a long story and not that interesting. I suppose I could bring a flask and a bag and invest in my future happiness while recovering.
  4. Watching them hike up conveyed how steep it was better than the other video. I keep having to tell myself to double the wow factor watching these type things because of the frustrating phenomena of how cameras fail to show how scary features actually are. I also like his videos because he always shows what goes on behind the curtain. And I laughed at the subtle, "ouch" when he fell over.
  5. What he is calling ruts I would call channels, or cupped trail. Jealous of all that beautiful dirt. Those "ruts' will just turn into nice berms eventually.
  6. Sometimes I miss being in the loop. But overall my mental state is better. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  7. It's hard for me to even guess, it would be much higher in older people. we were actually taught that shit. General *out on the road* population today? 5-25%
  8. Leave FB. You won't regret it Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  9. Ready to roll with sexy new saddle! Snapped a rail on the last one.
  10. For years when I find shit I try to locate the owner. Karma paid off today. 12 miles into my greenbelt ride today I reached around the my pack and felt an open pocket. The phone pocket. fuuuuuuu......... raced back to the car, raced home and jumped on the computer. Phone showed a location in an apartment complex, a place I had not been. I assumed I was screwed. Put the phone in “lost” mode, then called it. Someone found it on the trail and returned it to the apartment leasing office. I had it back in my hands in less than 20 minutes. Tragedy (and an expensive replacement) averted. Left a 20 for the finder, it’s a festivus miracle.
  11. My turn yesterday, found a phone in the middle of the trail and actually found the owner a short time later in the park parking lot and was able to return the phone to it's owner. Sent from my moto g(7) supra using Tapatalk
  12. Most social media is just social poisoning. The anonymity brings out the worst in people. We would never be aggressive the way that people are today when we were younger. If you were talking shit about someone when we were younger you could count on them showing up at your doorstep or work or even better catch you out with your friends and make an example of you. We can't do that anymore but I feel sometimes it needs to happen.
  13. The DFW MJ's store opened in 2015. They never carried Trek presumably because there was a Trek store in DFW. Their website shows that they carry Specialized and Santa Cruz and not Trek. The Austin website doesn't show the same, but you can find a recent blurb on the website that Austin MJ's is now carrying Santa Cruz (I suppose along with ATX Bikes as mentioned above). I also thought I saw a social medial post about MJ's carrying Specialized, but I can find it at the moment. So presumably they're going to completely normalize with the DFW store.
  14. I have fond memories of that store. Before we were married, John and I went to a night spin class there one winter -- we'd push aside the wheeled racks of bike clothes to create space, everyone brought and set up their own trainer, and the spin instructor was Ramsay Wall, who was racing road bikes at the time. Awesome group. One guy brought rollers and usually fell off about halfway through the class. After the big crash, he'd get back up, put his bike back on the rollers and just keep going. Good times. I just googled Ramsay Wall. I had no idea she was a doctoral student in English at UT at the time. She's teaching dance fitness now.
  15. It's the camera angle plus the fact that we see these guys do amazing shit everyday. Watching Danny ride a mountain bike slowly down a mountain doesn't carry the same eye candy wow factor as the flips, whips, hucks, and crazy balancing acts in all his other videos. Then you realize just how steep that slab is, and WOW!
  16. Part two. Really cool to see the process of how the video was made.
  17. I only use FB to keep in touch with people on messenger for arranging rides. Because I am only doing solo rides these days I don't even do that. Haven't posted a picture or a status in 2+ years, but will comment on trail condition threads occasionally.
  18. Barry, I bet that chamois H would be an awesome bike out there!
  19. I'll take Adele over Maroon Five.
  20. Best thing I've done this, erm, last year... I've closed all of my social media accounts.
  21. They have bigfoot at specs in Bastrop and south austin
  22. A little ride, a little trail work.
  23. He bought a monocog and is very pleased with it.
  24. Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose.
  25. I loved what Sears was, and hated what Sears became.
  26. Struggling with a re-injured shoulder but got out for a quick 15 miles.
  27. i was thinking about adding a quart sized ziplock to my pack specifically for picking up poop bags. ziplock the poop bag, then put it in my pack, seems pretty safe, right?
  28. So here's the deal. This is such a common issue that there's a Buddhist parable about it from thousands (!) of years ago. As I relate this, I'll add in words parenthetically to make it relevant to the topic at hand. A monk (mountain biker) is irritated by the presence of a bucket of dirty water (poop bags) and a mop (trash) by the door to the meditation hall (trail). Day after day, going in to meditate, he'd be so annoyed and think, "Why doesn't somebody empty this bucket (pick up poop bags) and put the mop (trash) away? It's ruining my meditation." Of course, he has a MAJOR epiphany and realizes that if he's annoyed by it, he can address the issue by emptying the bucket and putting away the mop, which he does, and thereby becomes a much, much happier monk (mountain biker). We can all clutch pearls, whinge and carry on, endlessly fret about all the awful people who are harsh-ing our mellow, but if you don't take action by cleaning it up yourself, it will still be there bothering you. In case you are still wondering, this will not change, ever. That's just how it is, unless you live in the city-state of Singapore, which has insanely draconian laws against littering, spitting, selling gum and other innocuous activities. 10 Weird Laws in Singapore
  29. my goal is to pick up one or two pieces of trash every ride. not sure what to do with the poop bags, i'm not gonna put that in my pack.
  30. I doubt he cares what you think. The fellow spent 35 years building a business - you can't blame him for selling at a good time, and probably having a retirement vs not having one.
  31. Sorry I can only link to the tweet where I found this footage, and not the video itself. I think it belongs in the People are Good thread. Not meant as a political statement. Video: US Capitol now ready to receive the remains of USCP Officer Brian Sicknick. Mountain bikes from his unit are lined up beside the Rotunda steps.
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