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2 hours ago, The Tip said:

Nice pics.

Reimers is a under rated I think. There are 17 miles of gravel type trails there, That includes the all purpose trail you mention

But I don't understand your "spaghetti bowl" comment. Reimers single track secction is designed to ride all 18 miles (all one way) in an easy to follow manner. This includes jumping off the "track" to do the Flow Trail section one circuit.

A do it all day at Reimers would be 35 miles. Hardly anyone does anything besides the single track part.

By spaghetti bowl I only meant that when you look at the mtb trails on a map that most people do out there it looks like a bowl of spaghetti.  I personally like spaghetti a lot.  I agree that Reimers is under rated!  It is one of the closest trail systems to me and I am always finding new things to do.  I hike it a lot too just because I love all the stuff under the cliffs.  ‘Discovering’ the gravel options has allowed me to get my wife back out there to ride.  We rode there yesterday and rode the All Purpose Trail and the spurs including the one of the Hoge loops.  We ended up with ten miles and it was a great outing!  It was cloudy and cool, the flowers were great, saw a fox and a crested caracara, and despite the mtb parking area looking very busy, we saw only two people the whole time.  


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The Hummingbird is a triumph! Rode it three times last week on various solo SATN routes, then some Barton Creek chunk this morning. I'm plagued with slow leaking tires lately, and figuring out the spacing for the 30mm crank spindle was a giant hassle. the first few rides were on a 120mm fork, but today's journey into Barton Creek was on a rigid Tandell fork with a 29x3 tire up front. didn't slow me down, but hand exertion from Bee Sting is real.


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