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Eastside rides are my wet weather go to.  Was going to ride Kinney Fort (Gattis to Forest Creek), but there were still some construction guys still around to the south of Gattis.  Hope we get easier P-ville access when complete.  Until then, just  wander through the neighborhoods and H&B trails.

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4 hours ago, notyal said:

Nice. I just caught up on the garage thread and was wondering where you ended up. 

Yeah we left Roanoke in February with the intention of moving to the Carson City/South Tahoe area of Nevada, but decided to wait out the winter for two months in El Paso. After a couple of weeks EP had grown on us enough, we decided to pull the trigger and buy. We'll be here for a couple of years until Canada pulls its head out of its ass and lifts the foreign buyers ban. 

Never in a million years did i think we'd like it here this much😁


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16 hours ago, hurronnicane said:

Today’s wildflower was Damianita.  Chrysactinia mexicana



I love yellow wildflower season so much!  Blue bonnets and the other ephemeral spring flowers are lovely but the yellows can go all summer and into the fall, esp. coreopsis and the native sunflowers. 

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The wildflowers at Reimer’s are quite nice.  I went yesterday and for a change of pace did the all-porpoise trail with all of its spurs before tackling the spaghetti bowl of trails.  While the all-porpoise trail is nobody’s idea of gnar, it is a pleasant six mile loop and I was glad to have checked it out.  




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Nice pics.

Reimers is a under rated I think. There are 17 miles of gravel type trails there, That includes the all purpose trail you mention

But I don't understand your "spaghetti bowl" comment. Reimers single track secction is designed to ride all 18 miles (all one way) in an easy to follow manner. This includes jumping off the "track" to do the Flow Trail section one circuit.

A do it all day at Reimers would be 35 miles. Hardly anyone does anything besides the single track part.

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