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On 9/25/2023 at 6:59 PM, The Tip said:


At the top of Cairn Me Up at Glorieta, NM 

(experimenting with a different way to post a picture. Hope it works)

Trying yet ANOTHER way. We had to take our bikes to the room because the place we had to park was sketchy




I tried another way. Posted another one from our hotel room in Biloxi too. Can these be seen? Expand the quote to see the new attempt

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23 hours ago, The Tip said:

When did Mother Nature get so darn sensitive anyway? I still haven't found a really compelling reason why they are so bad. Even the individual National Parks themselves cannot agree on a policy.

That's correct,  there is no consistent policy. 

Cairns certainly have a scenario where they can be helpful, like on trails systems without many signs. SATN is a great example where those visual makers are helpful. 

Another good use of Cairns is were the absolute Cairn cities would (or do they still? ) pop up when the BC Greenbelt creek was dry. Dozens of stacks artfully places 6+ feet and taller. And like sandcastles, the water removes them eventually. 

But stacking rocks that'll just stay like that for no purpose? It's like, if you're going to graffiti, make something beautiful out of something grotesque (like on many SATN structures and overpasses, instead of just shitty tagging). So I lean to the "leave no trace" side here when it comes to nonsensical reorganization of roks. Not today, hippy!

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22 hours ago, rockshins said:

How are the conditions? Looked wet and foggy earlier in the week up top. 

Track is mint. Was hero dirt on qualifying. Might dry a bit more for some dust on race day.

Fog in am but it burns off by practice. Otherwise, perfect weather and trees are changing colors. MSA next weekend will be interesting to say the least. The introduction of discovery etc has changed the vibe and structure of the race a bit, but it's still pretty good. 

Lots of opinions on next season.

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On 10/28/2023 at 5:21 PM, GFisher said:

It has been sunny and 70 degrees in Ruidoso the last couple days. Temps about to plummet though.

Topped off the antifreeze yesterday; 15 degrees forecast for tonight, the last night in SW Colorado.  The aspens finished up a week or  two ago, a few cottonwoods are still a stunning gold when the sun hits them just right, and there's snow on the La Platas.  Was going to do one last ride at Phil's World today, but too cold; time to head back to TX.

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Finally got out for a ride yesterday and felt like i was back in Virginia. Almost 500ft of climbing in 1 mile to get to the main connector. Views of El Paso, Juarez and New Mexico were worth it though. 




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