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  1. Thanks to all of you that have worked on this trail system! This trail has been a godsend for me. I lost 20 pounds since finding this trail in 2014 and live a much healthier lifestyle now. I pretty much quit mountain biking when Forrest Ridge was shut down and didn't think there would ever be another awesome trail in the NW Austin area. And my riding style has resulted in many dollars being spent at local bike shops. I have purchased three mountain bikes from local bike shops and spent thousands (locally) in maintenance and repairs since 2014. Last Sunday I came across a group of young adults sitting in the middle of the trail near Ray's Collarbone. There was a strong stench of pot, so I'm pretty sure they were looking for an isolated area. They walked away after I told them they were in the middle of a mtb trail (not to derail the current topic, but their dog also bit my hand). I guess they can go hang out in the newly closed section now that the mountain bikers won't be there to interrupt them.
  2. Thank you and the other builders/stewards who have helped create and maintain these trails. I can definitively say that having these trails 10 minutes from my house has changed my life for the better and has drastically improved my health (mental health probably more so than physical). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This is a great point. @rugger, @First Blood, @HoneyBadger and all the other buttholes out there have poured a tremendous amount of energy and love into all the Brushy trails. Just a few years ago there was NOTHING there except a few deer trails and couple of rogue paths. Now, there is a world class trail system that has made the city of Cedar Park a destination. Even if all the builders stepped away from those trails right now, I would still contend that they should never pay for a beer in this town again. Wilco Parks and Rec will never understand exactly how lucky they were to have trails built FOR FREE that are enjoyable AND sustainable.
  4. True. Danny+ebike makes uphills look real easy. He was smiling, riding one-handed, doing wheelies, and in no way winded at the top. That rock slab climb looked super fun though--it reminded me of climbing up Epic or the Full Commando peak at RPR. But certainly I wouldn't feel like I climbed them if the bike was doing a lot of the work. Also, damn, I have got to get to the Isle of Skye someday. Mountain biking combined with a Talisker tour? That sounds killer.
  5. Definitely was having to muscle it quiet a bit more. If Santa Cruz was putting food on my table, I’d love that bike also!
  6. Wheels are already in motion.
  7. I always think about this when i ride walnut. But to the other point. Riders do need to be more proactive about our reputation. I try to be as kind as possible when dealing with other trail users, and am a huge advocate for a good bell.
  8. But not during the uphill climbing segments. As much as I enjoy a good 360 off a rooftop, these days I find myself just pedaling uphill way more often.
  9. I think you gave us your "manage" link, rather than the link to the actual bike listing. -CJB
  10. He doesn't flick it around like his 5010, that's for sure.
  11. If tubes are working for you, stick with it. for all but a tiny minority of riders' experiences, dealing with tubes always sucked. we all switched to tubeless for that reason.
  12. ATXZJ

    Buds Required

    Two cups of strong coffee and RATM has me wanting to mobilize this morning 😆
  13. That's a good idea. She's 9, and bike maintenance would be right up her alley. When we first got her bike, she spent way more time cleaning it than riding it. (Granted it was a little too big for her, and she wasn't allowed to ride on the street by herself.)
  14. Yeah I get it and I agree. I was just trying to make the point that if you (we) take the time to send over correspondence to the Wilco Mngmnt, make sure to express our affection (in a logical way) for the use of the trail that's being closed down. -CJB
  15. That Seth dude is alright. Just don’t loan him any bike parts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Decided to go in June, Seth is going to let me change the date and not lose my fee.
  17. That's a huge incentive for local government mangers getting onboard with a project. It's one thing to provide activity areas for local citizens... But this doesn't necessarily translate into additional spent dollars at local businesses. So when a destination draws in folks from outside the community, and they spend money with local businesses, that should get their attention.
  18. Fixed it for you. -CJB
  19. Perhaps time we started to individually email the Wilco folks and mention to them how much we enjoy having the BC trails?
  20. This. My youngest son just turned 11 and is bit undersized for his age. He's for sure under 5' (maybe 4'10"?). This summer I built him up an XS 26" wheel Giant XTC. Its been a great bike for him both fit-wise and parts spec. Here's a photo showing him and his bike setup from our South Boundary trip this summer. I think his bike measures out to be a 13"? forensic science technician salary 2016
  21. I just rechecked my wife's old 26er and it is a 16" frame, an XS 26er may be a solid choice. Thanks guys for all the suggestions and advice.
  22. Up here around Fort Hood, Cedar Park is definitely known for its bike trails. I heard Copperas Cove was working on putting in a bike trail, and I know Harker Heights has a popular network, but a lot of guys up here have Cedar Park as a top destination for hitting the trails. Which then brings us to the local bike shops and restaurants. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
  23. Based on not having ridden spider mountain yet, maybe I will have him put some bigger balls in for me while he is down there.
  24. Aside from just being a convenient connector, that was really just an all around awesome stretch of trail in both directions. I understand the situation and will of course comply, but that sweet track will be sorely missed. For what it's worth, I personally would have given up Mulligan in an instant to keep Up-and-Over.
  25. How about we have a sanctioned ride/event on the sanctioned trails and focus everyone’s attention on what we have and not what we’ve lost? That way we can continue to show the land owner and the community around the park that we’re responsible partners. Alternatively, we can wait a few months for a homeless camp to show up back there since there are no longer pesky trail users disrupting their sleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Yeah, I used that trail all the time, but not a huge loss. It was nice, though, as it allowed you to bypass the BCRT for that segment.. I'm more concerned about the apparent breakdown in the relationship between Williamson County and local trail builders. ..Al
  27. That's me! I think there's something a little wrong with everyone, maybe more than one thing, this is one thing that could be said is "wrong" with me. I don't know why I keep doing things that put me in the pain cave. I think the common theme with riding up hill and riding hard things is the feeling of perseverance. Same with riding on an awful rainy and super cold day. I've read that people up north get that feeling of putting up with winter.
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