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3 hours ago, ATXZJ said:

Holy shit! 

Sold our place, and closing at 830 tomorrow. Then on our way to Quebec to buy a house and hunker down until next year.

Mont Sainte Anne here we come!!



Gone like The X?

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Riding Mont Sainte Anne is like a religious experience. Honestly the best bike park I've ever been to. Did a trail that dropped 1700ft in 2.3 miles that was pure rocks & roots tech. Hands, arms and pride is DONE🤣

So much respect for the World Cup DH racers who compete here.




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Rode UP the AF bike park (as far as you can ride up) on Enlightenment (1300' in 3ish mi) then dropped down on the goods. Nice climb and descent but not much bang for the buck. Will sit my ass on the lift next time.



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Le Massif bike park

Canada bites back. Had a wicked exit off the trail at speed, then down a hillside. The parks here are no joke. Love it!

My back matches the CSU🤣


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4 hours ago, Cafeend said:

Have you officially moved up there?


Nothing solid yet. Trying to find a place to buy, and current plan is to give it through Christmas before we head back to somewhere in the USA.


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