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7 hours ago, AustinBike said:



Singlespeeding on Port Aransas beach. 

Basically made it about 50' with my street tires. I brought a wet noodle to a knife fight.

Gotta ride about 6-8 feet from waterline to stay on top of the sand! PITA to get saltwater/sand out so I usually ride inland along the coast hwy to Rockport and out to copano Bay Area. 

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1 hour ago, June Bug said:

Mornings have been lovely, almoooooost on the cool side!  Are y'all doing a long road trip this summer to escape from the heat?

We are though we’re not sure about our destination(s).  We are a bit worried about fire/smoke out West.  And we have to wait for my daughter and her boyfriend  to take the van on their trip first.  They are heading to the PNW to hike the Wonderland trail!  If we don’t go west we are considering the mountains in North Carolina or Ely, Minnesota.  And, there is a slight chance of getting to squeeze into somebody’s Teluride-to-Moab Hut-to-Hut trip…. I feel the need to do that before I age out of that kind of multi-day adventure.

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59 minutes ago, AustinBike said:

Probably fishing and canoeing. Spent a lot of time in MN because I grew up in the midwest. Great fishing back in the day. Canada too.

My Mother's side is from there, lived in Ely in the Winters and ran a cabin fishing resort on the border in the now superior national forest in the summers.

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