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Getting ready for a big shuttle run descent from the franklins to the houses in the valley below. Hooked up with some locals and found the gnarly stuff. Definitely some Chihuahuan desert freeride going on out here. 


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Patzcuaro, Mexico.  Yesterday was my fourth ride in five days here.  All of them have involved some amount of urban riding which has been a great way to see the town and a dizzying amount of visual, audio and olfactory experiences.  All the roads are cobblestone and our hosts bikes that we are using are hardtails.   And we are at 7000 feet and the rides have taken us up to around 8000 feet so plenty of huffing and puffing!  




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I've been off the bike since January 1 this year with a shoulder injury. Riding any bike in any configuration is agony... until now.

As I'm working my way through rehab, this is my new ride.



Built around a Univega beach cruiser I found at Yellow Bike, I ditched most of the parts and started over. I had to buy the bottom bracket adapter cups and a shim for the handlebar, so I've spent less than $25 on it.

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After riding yesterday we got back to our campsite and I promptly locked the bikes to a picnic table before realizing that I didn’t have the keys with me.  Fortunately the camp host texted the LCRA maintenance guy that night and he came by camp the following morning as I was finishing my second cup of coffee with his new bolt cutters and cut the padlock for me.  It is always a little disturbing to see how easily a lock can be removed.



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Nice ride to the city library on Amherst using the Northern Wanut Creek Multi-Use Path.  This Palo Verde tree and prickly pear cactus in bloom were off to the side of the trail, so I decided to check them out. The cactus blossoms were pollen central for a variety of life forms.  A butterfly, some type of wee beetle, unknown insect and some bees were in various blossoms, all covered in pollen. I didn't notice the butterfly at first.  It's the same color as the petals and wasn't moving much.  I was there for about five minutes, and the butterfly and two other wee creatures were still working the pollen in that one flower. 



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I know this is Austin MTB but I've been spending a lot of time lately on my roadie and wanted to contribute to this thread.  I just got back from a weekend in Tucson after climbing Mt Lemmon.

I took my truck and stealth camped in the back of my truck.  Climed up out of the desert floor up to 9100'.  I climbed 8k ft over the course of 4.5hrs and 38 miles.....finishing the ride at 6hrs and 73 total miles.  Had no idea I would bump into snow while I was up there.





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