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champions tracts forsale


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from nextdoor:


Champion tract 1A is up for sale again....Urgent. The Champions are back at it again! The 9 acres between The Gables (on the south), Winterberry (on the north), 360(east) and Jester (west). We have met with the seller who is anxious to get rid of it and has offered to sell it to the Jester residents...asking price is $500,000. This what we know: The last Champion sister has died(101) and property tax basis will change, the family is trying to divest itself of all land holdings (per seller), access to this tract is very problematic (legal access is from 360 by temple, there is also a restricted overlay through the Gables roadways...which is not ideal! A developer would love to ingress from Winterberry), tract is zoned for 6 single family homes but the vision is for multi family/commercial. Residents on Winterberry are brainstorming for solutions and one would be for the land to become a Jester HOA hiking trail. Yes, the HOA would have to buy it and yes there would have to be a one time HOA assessment and residence donations to pay for it. Winterberry residents are willing to shoulder a good part of the financial burden for the greater good of our neighborhood. Please realize, if we don’t act it is too valuable to go on undeveloped. Ingress from Winterberry or through the Gables will yield the same result: construction/resident traffic through Lakewood, Beauford, Jester and any off streets. This is an informal investigation to gauge the interest for this project before it is presented to the HOA. Please comment or 👍. I know there are a lot of questions about this. If anyone knows who our President is will you please let me know?

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Seriously, look at that tract of land. I am not sure anyone is going to build on it. It's like 100' wide and a half mile long. What do you put on it? A spaghetti factory? A ladder factory?

Basically this is too steep to put a road up (there are some adjoining tracts...) and it looks like it was carved up for some type of utility or pipeline easement if you asked me.

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200 ft wide. At the middle there is a 3.4ac polygon that could be built. The stuff they are managing the cram in all along the non BCP lands is silly. This could possibly be a condo community. Lots of earth work, and in GCW habitat zone, but buildable if you have the will and the $.

Even better would be for a developer or COA to buy it for BCP offsets.

As the city grows and this area (my backyard) builds out, I am generally happy with the land grab that BCP became. I look at south of the river on 360 and imagine every bit of green getting built up. It already is, but it will build up even more. Sorry we lost Forest Ridge, glad it will stay green and undeveloped.


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9 hours ago, AustinBike said:

Seriously, look at that tract of land. I am not sure anyone is going to build on it. It's like 100' wide and a half mile long.

Its not the skinny 1A piece that gave me grief, but the other bigger 2,3,5 tracts (that may have already sold).  


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