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  1. kids skills area off Sam Walton Blvd. My 5yo had a lot of fun and got to ride most of All American and some of the new wooden roller features in "phase 2"
  2. Great! Only the fire and brimstone to worry about now.
  3. Honestly I don't think it's about the masks when it comes to the whole goverment plot conspiracy theories. I think it's more a "you give them an inch they take a mile" type deal that people are afraid of and if you're any sort of student of history, you'll know that government overreach is far from the exception, it's the norm when left unchecked. People don't trust government and in my opinion they shouldn't. We should always be aware of and examine what our lawmakers and government are up to because it's very possible that one day you'll look up and realize many of your freedoms are gone and you'll wonder when that happened. No one thinks our government is going to up and turn into a Stalin-esque dictatorship overnight. People are more worried about the death of liberty and freedom from a 1000 paper cuts. Sure, forcing masks is something very tiny that everyone should be fine with. But if we're okay with having masks force upon us, then what's next? How far can we be pushed? Let's try forcing everyone regardless of age to wear a helmet on bikes no matter what. No big deal, right? It's for your own safety. Hey we already took away your 30 round magazines in many states, you don't need that. But now that you're used to that, let's remove all semi autos and only allow bolt action or single shot rifles. It's for your own safety. Let's stop allowing liquor companies to make liquor over 80 proof or ban liquor outright. No one really needs alcohol that strong. It's for your own safety. Now that we banned liquor and saw a huge decrease in alcohol health related issues and drunk driving, let's get rid of wine too. It's too strong and it's for your own safety. Let's put cameras in everyone's house like China so when you call 911 they can see and assess the situation. No one will abuse that and it's for your own safety. We've seen an increase in injuries related to mountain biking that increases medical costs and takes away medical resources from other people practicing safer forms of exercise. People don't really need to be riding through rugged terrain with obstacles/jumps/drops so let's ban offroad biking. It's for your own safety. Yes, I'm just making this shit up as I go and it sounds ridiculous but if you don't think there are people in government who would like to limit our freedoms by a substantial amount, then I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona. It goes for both sides as well. Gun control for the left and abortion for the right are two excellent instances where goverment wants to limit personal freedom in the guise of saving lives. The best way to counteract these people is to be aware of what your reps are doing, be knowledgable and vote their ass out of office when they fuck around.
  4. We had that on the menu at The Bakehouse Restaurant. Does this look good?
  5. That is bad ass! Fake discs seems like such a better approach than fusing together something that evolution worked so hard perfecting at to allow motion.
  6. So I have some experience with this. TLDR go get looked at by Randall Dryer at Central Texas Spine Institute. I had two collapsed discs in my neck(C5-C6/C6-C7) from 30 years of contact sports and general dumbassery. Got to point that the nerves were compressed so bad that both arms were numb, severe pain between neck and shoulder like you, and weakness. Got to the point that I couldn't hold my hockey stick in my hand and had to quit playing. Went to two doctors and both wanted to do a two level fusion after PT and steroid injections failed to help. That would have been a year long recovery, loss of range of motion, and more pressure on the discs above and below so future surgery was likely. I was 39 years old at the time and luckily a friend referred me to Dryer for a third opinion. He said absolutely do not do a fusion and that I was a perfect candidate for Mobi-C implants which are basically fake discs. He did the surgery and I was back on the ice playing hockey 6 weeks post surgery and back to 100% after about 3 months post op. It's been three years now and it's like it never happened. No pain, no weakness, no numbness or tingling and no loss of range of motion. The best decision I ever made was getting that third opinion. Now I can also say I'm a cyborg as this is my neck now with the fake discs. There is a little plastic like ball in between each plate that you can't see on the xray that allows for full range of motion. Technology is great!
  7. Once the asps show up, I’m parking the bike for a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. And yet again....masks do not protect you, as all those studies found. But what you keep avoiding is that masks prevent YOU from infecting others. Yes, we all, here in this forum, GREATLY understand you care not one whit about anyone else but yourself. We get it. We really do. Why you keep posting this crap is beyond understanding at this point. We're not going to convince you how wrong not wearing a mask is and you won't be convincing anyone that wearing a mask isn't right.
  9. Gave in to peer pressure, and bought some more. Now we're having Rye on Rye on Rye😁
  10. Saharan Dust...is this considered racist?😆
  11. Bring an inflatable life preserver with an integrated bug net. That way you're protected from the locusts and the floods.
  12. If in any given year the Flu was projected to hospitalize 3 to 4 times what it normally does, then I suspect the reaction would be the same as it is now for COVID-19, including recommendations to wear masks. Flu illness and flu deaths are a constant that our health system is built to handle and even profit from, but when that model gets disrupted, all bets are off. If hospital beds fill up and folks are left untreated with either serious COVID-19 or Flu symptoms, then the death rates for both will go up. This has always been about flattening the curve to keep from overwhelming our health system, and masks are an important part of that now, like it or not.
  13. Wow! Real life bobblehead - nice!
  14. I don't think that analogy works. wearing a mask and limiting time among crowds is about me not spreading the disease to others, not about me staying un-sick. the difference is subtle but it's a matter of perspective. wearing a seatbelt is about keeping oneself safe. by wearing a seatbelt, I am making zero contribution to the safety of others on the road, just keeping myself safe. wearing a mask does little to keep the wearer safe, but does quite a bit to keep other safe. a better analogy would safe driving habits, especially around cyclists. I do these things because it's safer for me, but more so because it's safer for other road users. if I hit a cyclist with my car because I am driving on the wrong side of the road, going 60 mph though a neighborhood while drinking a growler of Thirsty Goat, LOLing something on Facebook with my headlights off in the middle of a Sharan dust cloud incident, I'll end up with a dent on my car. the cyclist will likely be dead. I am staying home as much as possible and wearing a mask in public when I go out for the same reasons I don't drive like a jerk: I care about the safety of others at least as much as I care about my own.
  15. These are good points and it got me thinking. Should we mask up when the flu is raging and people are getting sick? Yes. We probably should. Is it okay to sneeze on someone if you think you have a common cold that really isn't that big of a killer? No, it's not. For me, it's an obvious fact now that the flu or possible even the cold is not as prolific at spreading or as mysterious as to what it actually does to people. I've had the flu a couple of times and it sucked but it was a known quantity. I didn't get my kids or family sick when I had it and after a couple of miserable days, I was on the mend. I also never worried that I was going to die or get someone else sick and they would die. Should I have worried? Maybe so but the medical community, my doctor, and my research told me that I just needed to use common sense and I wouldn't be a threat to society. What's different now? This is a global pandemic that is impacting everyone on this planet. I don't know what this virus would do to my body and unless you've had it, you don't know what it would do to yours. Odds are decent that we'd recover but odds are also good that we would spread it to at least one person. They would then spread it and the cycle would continue. We will eventually learn more about this virus and perhaps it will become synonymous with the flu or a cold.
  16. I actually wash my hands BEFORE I use the restroom. I know where my pecker has been but my hands have touched all kinds of crap throughout the day and I ain't getting the clap because I shook hands with a meth head earlier and then touched my wang while peeing. Then I wash them again after even though the only thing I touched was my wang which is still clean because it's been my clean underwear since I showered in the morning.
  17. It'll be worse riding through the swarms of locusts whenever they get here.
  18. Ok, once again my little dude surprised me today. We were heading to Brushy to ride and when we get there he discovered he forgot his helmet and Camelbak at home. So we turned around and headed back the house. Once home, he talks me into changing bikes and riding over to the WC pump track to play around. I escort him over there, get him situated and then take off for a short lap of Windy/Servere/BMX. When I get back he said he's got something to show me.....holy cr@p! I sorta panicked inside when I first saw him hit this jump!
  19. Interesting. My wife also used Randall Dryer at the Central TX Spine Institute for her C6-7 fusion. This was 13 yrs ago and she was 37 and it went very well. It was a tradtional disc fusion but IMMEDIATELY she felt relief. I have a few 'funny' stories that Dryer told me when I tried to challenge his diagnosis initially. But whatever, we sing the praises of her surgery everywhere we can. At the time she was on the randomized list for the disc replacement experimental option, but obviously didn't get it. Problem now is that she was rear ended in an accident about 8-10 yrs ago and is beginning to feel the ramifications of that incident. We are strongly suspecting we may be visiting Dryer again at some point. I'm very pleased to hear about the current advancements past out story. Cheers, CJB
  20. I know the man does not have my best interests in mind. However, isnt more of the medical and scientific community that are suggesting the masks? Not just here but across the world. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  21. Yep! This is the graph that concerns me the most as it is right here in Williamson County, you know, the place where certain folks are thrilled to be able to romp around uninhibited with no mask.
  22. My guess would be it is due to the size of the typical mask and not wanting to get into situations of folks being forced to retrofit them for smaller faces - but just a guess.
  23. To me this is insulting because: A. It implies that parents are not able to control their kids (not true) B. That somehow kids are not susceptible (not true) C. That if a kid gets it they cannot later spread it to a parent at home when the masks are off (not true) People keep dancing around the facts and that is what landed us in the situation we are in. 60 days from now we'll see the people in RR saying the mask rule did not work because of all of the cases that they still have. This is like deciding to eat healthy well balanced dinners every night but eating 2 big bowls of Fruit Loops every morning and wondering why you haven't lost weight. Edit - my wife just told me this is the Austin rule too, so it is stupid for both of them. They should go for 100% masks and assume there is some fallout. When you start exempting a large chunk of the audience, it makes it easier for others to ignore.
  24. So, you're not concerned that the spike at the end of the first chart isn't going to start showing up a while later on the second chart? The trends in the lines seem to be pretty similar. There is the initial spike, then a downward trend in both. Now, currently seeing a big spike in cases over the past 2 weeks. It takes a while to die.
  25. I'd totally fly to Germany for surgery, but it looks like mine is about the same price. The 4-8 weeks of recovery would be great once I got out of the "no drinking" zone. Pretty sure there is not a no Schweinhaxe restriction, the only problem would be fitting into the airline seat after 8 weeks of German food and beer.
  26. Fair enough. You are correct that there seems to be no solid Step 2. I'm just curious if the plan is Step 1: people wear masks in public places because of corona. Step 2: people focus and argue about Step 1 so they don't see what's going on behind the curtain. Step 3: ??? I know that 5 years ago, everyone would agree that the gov't isn't what they appear to be, and they shouldn't be trusted. These days, seems like the gov't from 5 years ago is Hellbent on getting rid of Trump. Like him or not, it seems odd. I'm asking why. Really has nothing to do with masks.
  27. Not a bad comeback. But I don't think halving the speed limit equates to wearing masks. Wearing masks=Wearing seat belts. Wearing a seat belt is no guaranty of saving your life but it definitely is going to help. Both things are a small price to pay. But I think the more pertinent analogy is, cutting speed limits = closing the economy. I'm against both and I'm okay with the cost of not doing either. So wear a seat belt at current speeds, and wear a mask and be smart about distancing in places it matters. It doesn't matter at the beach or on a tennis court. Dumb. This is what makes people resent the closures. Closing a tennis court, beach, or bike trail is not required. Is it the reopening of things that is causing the resurgence or is it the no mask wearing? For the sake of ALL the harm the closings have done I'm going with the no mask wearing in the reopened places.
  28. The current "man" certainly does not. And coincidently (or not so much), he is the leader of the anti-masker movement. There are people on both sides that will be happy to take advantage of you or profit from a tragic event. So, weighing the BS handed to us from both sides, I think it's far more likely that someone not wearing a mask could spread Covid to me or someone I love vs. somehow by wearing a mask you are succumbing to some sort of government control. It reminds me of the underpants gnomes from Southpark. Step 1: make everyone wear a mask. Step 2: _____________ Step 3: Government control.
  29. Would you be opposed to cutting all speed limits in half in order to reduce traffic deaths? Or do the advantages of high speed transport outweigh the cost of traffic deaths?
  30. I don't think it's that. I don't think twice about all the yearly traffic fatalities. I DO buckle my seat belt and don't drive the wrong way on one way streets though.
  31. Thought of an argument for the "liberty" anti-mask people. Even if they don't work, they create the illusion of working, which is important to the government decision makers. "Looks like people are complying with the wear a mask edict. Let's open more things and get the economy back to normal."
  32. Same tired arguments from the anti-makers. "Other things kill people, too" "Other issues completely unrelated to Covid are happening, but mask don't help that" Who gives a shit? That is complete smoke and mirror distraction bullshit you are falling for. The issue at hand: A thin piece of fabric worn in front of your mouth and nose can help reduce the spread of a very infectious disease that is affecting the entire world. It's just like washing your hands, coughing/sneezing into your sleeve, or not licking all the apples at HEB. Doing small things for the health of the entire community.
  33. lol! Sadly, there is some truth to your statement.
  34. 2017-18 are not election years. Well, 2018 was. But, not for President
  35. This∆ People aren't in the streets because life is good in the usa. Quite the opposite. The rent/mortgage deferments end this month, and from what I understand so does the disaster relief funding. Oh and there's the people & businesses like me who have to pay every tax year and that's comng up too. And there's a pandemic burning out of control in my state. #winning
  36. I rode both days over the weekend. Didn't notice it one bit aside from the hazy views. Dust is not nearly as bad as simply riding behind someone on a dry trail.
  37. Flat Creek near Johnson City closed. Flat Rock in Comfort is open.
  38. Trails need time to dry this morning. 1/4 notch is rideable but as soon as you get moisture on your tire things get sketchy. Picnic is soft. Didn’t check anything else since these two trails are usually good barometers for everything else. With some sun things should dry quickly.
  39. If this doesn't get to us as people, then I don't know what will. If you don't know the story, that bus driver died of covid weeks after making this.
  40. Got the one off my kid's kona. probably 700-ish MM and 20mm rise? All you if you want it https://2018.konaworld.com/fire_mountain.cfm
  41. Nope open all weekend, some other event was cancelled though. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  42. Thanks for the replies. It's amusing that I originally replaced the bolt because I ran into an issue with the Blue Loc-tite. Ended up bonding the threads and stripping the 8mm hex. Had to use a big, bad bolt extractor to undo that mess. I sent the Race Face Aeffect back to Fox for RMA. We'll see what comes of it. I went out and purchased a Shimano XT crank in the meantime. Works great. Might just keep running it when/if the RF comes back. And, yeah, it doesn't make much sense to go the Cane Creek way for that kind of money. I just need a crank that's easy to maintain. Seems like the XT might be just that.
  43. I did a road ride and several hours and it didn’t bother me. It was like a light fog in the distance. I’m sure it’s some sort of killer dust or something but I needed a ride so I braved it. In fact, I’m going out again here in a bit. Trails are probably still either too wet or too crowded so I’ll explore some urban paths. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  44. Rode dirt bikes from 12 to 25 and I still want to do this on my MTB in turns: Hump the gas cap and swing the inside leg out. The Endura Race Cornering clinic was SO good in retraining my brain for MTB.
  45. Over the past 6-8 yrs I've spent a good amount of time on an MX bike riding in the woods. I've done some hare scrambles and enduros during that time. By far the biggest adjustment I had was in weighting the INSIDE peg to turn the motorcycle (when standing). After spending 20yrs on a bicycle this was completely foreign and awkward to me. Very counterintuitive. I run my brakes 'normal' on both my MX bike and MTB and I never get confused....but my first few minutes of riding my MX bike in the woods and I'm consciously having to readjust my weight transfer for my feet. Cheers, CJB
  46. My bad! And thanks Brizzett! I was so stoked on that small drop, haha just grinning and doing it over and over. Landing buttery smooth is such a good feeling. And the feature felt so stable and trustable. All that stuff, to me, for what little I know about that stuff, is really legit and seems awesomely (being) done.
  47. The leg dangle has been a thing in MotoGP for many years now. I believe Rossi (definitely not one of the younger guys) started it, and many of the top riders followed. There has been a lot of discussion and speculation as to why they do it at the GP level with nobody ever really confirming why, but it has stuck. In general body positioning in GP racing has changed a lot vs. decades ago, I think the inside body positioning has gotten a lot more significant to the point where the top riders like Marquez are now dragging elbows on the track. It's funny seeing this topic come up here because I've often speculated that riding a sportbike is definitely not helping with my MTB cornering. Seems I'm not alone.
  48. It's Freeride512 - get it right 😆 Yes, thanks to our church for letting us build out there and huge thanks to KOM. Brett has donated his time and resources personally. We wouldn't be where we are without him. There is much more to come . . . I've been swamped at work, but will get out tomorrow. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
  49. Came across this the other day and it blew my damn mind. It's a side by side video of before and after a wildfire removed all of the trees along a downhill park. Thought I'd share it.
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