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  1. Yo! It's getting warmer and the trails are seeing a LOT more traffic. Many of you have asked how you can help out. It would be a HUGE help if you're seshing the jumps, to please water and sweep the berms and occasionally the landings. This will not only make your ride more enjoyable, but help maintain the line from erosion. There is a water tank up at the top and the watering cans are usually up at the top, or down by the last berm. There is also a broom down by the last berm as well. If there's interest, we can organize a dig day and cover jump line maintenance. Let me know!
  2. Soooo Technically speaking. That line is a designated BLUE line with Black features. We had to designate it that way for the county to keep the drops. In no way is any of that line so much a Blue lime to really call it that So any sort of tech feature on it added to the totality of it being a blue line and made in IN THEORY harder to ride as a precursor to getting on the ridge with the drops and IN THEORY making beginner riders not just happen to stroll up on some drops. Yes I know its REALISTIC impact is minimal... but that is the reasoning behind wanting to rebuild those features. And in my mind I'd like to REALLY make it a bit more technical but with flow. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. We’re going to build a new feature! And the hikers are going to pay for it!
  4. HHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 Sorry, I'm a hope fan. Tech X2's on my previous bike, and Tech3 E4's on my Ripmo (180 floating rotors) Plenty of power, but it's all about modulation. Easy to set up, easy to bleed, easy to completely strip down to the bare parts if you so desire. Broke something and need a spare part? I can still order ANY part of my Tech levers or X2 calipers. I bought the X2's back in 2009? They still perform flawlessly and are only on their second set of pads. Their pads last FOREVER. The finish quality is superb, they are like pieces of jewelry. The lever feel is perfect. The pad contact point is ALWAYS the same. I can dial in both levers to have the same feel and they stay that way. There's no mushiness, no mystery about the engagement point, no "grabby" feeling like Shimano's. The power builds smoothly and consistently, and they're so easy to feather and trim only as much speed as you need. I LOVE them. <insert Ferris Bueller "choice" quote> ...that is all.
  5. I'd say yes; if they're so bold as to remove it, they'll also eventually remove the others, as well as modify other features... and IMO popping off of those logs is one of the highlights of my warm-up or return (depending on whether I start at 183 or the sport park). I'm just tired of people jacking with shit that they shouldn't be jacking with. If we let them keep doing it without making a statement, then they'll think it's okay and continue to change other things to their own liking. If they return to find the log replaced, anchored with a couple of rebar stakes, maybe they'll get the message...
  6. FYI y'all, Magura's USA Master Technician lives in Austin. Yeah bleeding is a bit more finicky then Shimano, but if their are any crazy issues most shops can simply have his come over and fix it. And most warranty issues get handled next day for us. Nice guy too.
  7. I love Picnic for the drops, bump jumps, and the 2 spots you can ride through a tree. It's the one trail I will never not ride when I am at Brushy.
  8. New Bike Day was yesterday. First outing today on Peddlers and Picnic. Full suspension is going to take some getting used to. I did pretty much tie(4 seconds shy) my personal best running 17:50. Considering I felt all over the place and completely off riding it, that's not too bad. Rough stuff was WAY easier, I struggled in the corners. Gotta figure out cornering with the full suspension, it's a lot different than my hard tail. The few short downhill and drop sections on Picnic are much easier. All in all pretty happy!
  9. I used to consider myself a hub snob when I rode Chris Kings. Then, spacing changed, I got a new bike with a crappy Specialized branded hub, and I've been riding it for years now. So, I'm basically like a "wine snob" that drinks Franzia when nobody's looking.
  10. Yeah. Rigodamndiculus. My aunts who live in Houston literally drove to a crowded parking lot to get the best view of the flyover. Yes, a CROWDED parking lot.
  11. That has to be the strangest, and yet most honest display of our priorities in this cuntry. $1.3 mil for operation simpleton that could pay for a lot of first responders and frontline workers. At least bomb us with masks instead of unspent fuel. we're getting a space force but can't source cotton swabs. f@ck this
  12. @JRIDER good luck. I have years of history destroying hubs. High mileage combined with 200+ pounds combined with punchy high torque climbs just kills them. Finally 2 years ago I switched to I9s and haven't had an issue since. It is rare that a ratchet ring (AKA drive ring) can be replaced. Some are backwards threaded and screwed in (why aren't they all!?), some are indexed and pressed in, and some (worse case) are simply bonded in. I've had them break in parts, I've had them lose a lot of teeth, and I've had them simply defeat their bonding and spin. And luckily most all those happened under warranty. Almost the same story. I had Performance give me 3 entirely new rear wheels because Stan's hubs failed. Finally got just out of my warranty and the 4th one failed on me. Interestingly, Stan's just decided to send me another new one! I still have it and have put almost no use on it because I had decided to move on to I9 by then. This is just a fairly recent. I had the same story with a Novatec hub 3 years ago. I just swapped it out for a Hope and all was well. And before that and before that...
  13. Just curious if I nailed the technique, or am I missing something?
  14. Let's organize a day to do these spots. I say we go more extreme with it. Make real features. Like stacked log rolls and rock features cemented in place. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. one glass topped table with umbrella. 4 chairs 2 rocking chairs Everything is in good shape and works fine and located in south austin. Dog not included
  16. It never occured to me to ask, since I've never used a power meter and don't have any real world data. I did have Novatec tell me on a phone call that their fat bike hub was for "snow cover use only," as though plenty of people don't ride their fat bikes year round. For entertainment, I just went back and read that email chain with Novatec. I had only used that hub for about 600 miles before it went to hell. First, the ratchet ring broke into 7 pieces, so they sent me a new ratchet ring, and instructed me to press in the new one with blue loctite. That went well, but once I got it in, it became obvious that I had actually managed to ovalize the hub shell. Man that thing was junk!
  17. I usually don't push 'my setup' much on people. Most of the time you'd have to ASK ME what I think. There's just too many opinions, reviews and personal-tastes for me to feel like I need to cloud the waters further with my view(s). But I will say that when I owned the shop, we put more Hope brakes on bikes that any other shop in TX. It was the one product that I actually pushed onto people a little bit (see Teamsloan and AnotnioGG). Out of literally hundreds of installs we only really had a handful (1/2 dozen?) of issues. I think CXAgent may have been one of them with his seals remark....I know George Dawkins had the same thing at one time too. But I can almost recall from memory the few times they weren't near perfect. Go back and read the description from @Teamsloan he's very accurate with it. As for myself, the biggest thing that I noticed when I first ran them was modulation. They're not a brake to STOP you....they are a device for CONTROLLING wheel rotation. Thus when applying brake pressure you can easily adjust to the point of max braking without skidding (or endo) in our tech riding environments. It also means that you don't have to over-size your rotors (which negates ease of modulation). It was the first time I truly understood the old adage of "good brakes make you go faster". Now FWIW, this was almost 10 yrs ago now and I'm still riding models from 2011. Later, CJB PS- oh and the only other brand/product that I would push onto people where Swiftwick socks. They. Are. The. Best.
  18. This is good... And leans towards the thought that urban trail building must include consideration of all who may use it... Within reason obviously. And when I say all who will use it... I mean considering trail needs from their POV. Which is what I think you're saying, WhoAmI.
  19. This morning I came face to face with a bare female arse squatting on Picnic, apparently she couldn't hold it long enough to get off the trail (I'm guessing she had been running on the paved trail and thought no one would be on Picnic). Luckily, it wasn't an offensive arse to see, to say the least... Later I almost had a head-on collision with an older gent in a cowboy hat on an e-bike... Times are getting weird.
  20. This is a good point. I have to believe that people are generally just trying to be helpful and not trying to destroy something they don't understand. If it's obvious that it's there on purpose, they will probably just leave it alone. I guess my original point was that, in my opinion, we shouldn't go to war with other trail users unless we have more to gain than lose.
  21. I have ordered a bike and components from the UK and never had any custom fees, but I have also heard people complaining about the fees. Also my last order was in 2019, things have changed a bit since then.
  22. I get that you're thinking ahead and looking for a replacement, but I am more interested in the diagnosis now. Those hubs should pop apart pretty easily. Let us know what you find in there. FWIW: Industry 9 makes their newer 1/1 hubs in house and they are quite a bit cheaper than the Hydras. Seems like a solid value.
  23. Good as always. Nice bern additions recently. Also free admission right now.
  24. I had heard nothing but good things about those Bontrager hubs. I was thinking about buying those exact wheels. what failed on them that is not repairable? what size axles are you looking for? I am a high-engagement hub snob and I didn't find the offerings that I saw from Dirt to be impressive in that department.
  25. They are great wheels - have heard nothing but good reviews. I've been thinking of picking up a set for my Cutthroat soon. Local company, great folks - the owner used to work at BSS and is a super nice guy.
  26. The only solution I have seen consistently work is providing a bypass and posting a sign pointing to it "Feature Bypass -->". When I made bypasses for features, I made them slightly more inconvenient than the main line so the users bypassing the feature were not faster when they skipped the feature. If it's perceived as too long of a bypass, people will keep tearing down the feature. Also, I made sure that the lines of site for both the main trail and the bypass where they reconnected allowed for safe merging. YMMV
  27. I run Magura brakes on all but one of my bikes (Mach 429 bought long ago with Hope brakes). I have been very happy with my Magura brakes - MT-2, MT-4, MT-5 and MT-7. great feel, power and modulation. I have had about the same amount of trouble with all of the Magura as I have had with the one set of Hopes (seal failures). My only complaint about the Magura is you cannot get parts to rebuild them. I guess they don't want anybody going into their hydraulics to replace seals / O-rings.
  28. I am a huge fan of Shimano and have them on all of my bikes. The fact that the bleed is so brain dead easy was the biggest winner for me. Saying that any shop can easily do it is not a benefit because that means I need to take it to the shop. My Shimanos have been rock solid, and on the few times that I take a bike off the wall for a ride and find a squishy brake, I can take care of it right there on the spot and still make it to the trailhead on time for the ride. This is a convenience that cannot be overstated in my mind.
  29. Direct mount mountain bike calipers are coming. Because we need that. The direct mount chainring interface is the same as the XTR, XT, and SLX 12 speed group if I read correctly. So, it's not "one more" unless you weren't aware of Shimano’s existing direct mount standard. The crazy thing to me is that they are making 2x12 possible. The adventure biking/touring set is gonna love that! Might finally pull them from their 3x9 drivetrains...except that Shimano also updated Alivio today as well!
  30. Yeah, we talked during a Walnut creek R&I about his burrito ride.
  31. Can we build a wall....ride? On a serious note, in the grand scheme of things, is that one feature worth the battle? People don't want to walk on the hike and bike path because there are too many people to get their 6' spacing. This leads them off the trail and onto the sweet, sweet single track that we all know and love. They see a log crossing the trail and think that they will do everyone a favor by moving it. They'd do the same thing to ANY feature that was over the trail and impeded their progress. put concrete and barbed wire on it and things will just escalate. A lot of these people have nothing better to do right now than complain to the city about 'dangerous' features on the 'hiking' trails that could injury someone just walking along. There are a lot of us but there are a LOT more of them so I propose a different path. Let's add some fun features on trails that are further from the concrete. You're going to find people on all the trails but the further you get from the concrete, the less likely you're going to find a hiker that would ever consider modifying a trail. My $0.02.
  32. One thing that you need to be extra cautious with is hitting your bars on trees until you get used to that extra 40 mm. It's amazing how your mind can calibrate itself to know exactly where the end of your 720 mm bars are and will steer to just skim past trees. Adding just a tiny bit to the bar width and that calibration is off and you'll smack a tree you thought was a mile away. Don't ask me how I know this.
  33. I'm more curious to know Barrys suspension set up. That video was gnarly!
  34. i tried it,but the only zoom i got was dudes rubbing chocolate syrup all over each other. is that the secret meeting? 🤣
  35. How has this one not made it here yet?
  36. My son is a Scout that lives in the neighborhood where this trail is. He would like to organize and run an Eagle Scout project for the trail here. AJ at the Peddler said he should reach out here to find Dale. Can someone email me and my son so he can discuss it and see what is possible?
  37. How wide are those bars compared to what you were riding? Also is the stem significantly shorter? That could be making a bigger difference than FS vs HT. I regularly bounce between my downcountry bike with 740mm bars and 60mm stem and my all-mountain bike with 780mm bars and 50mm stem, and I often struggle to hold a line with those wider bars and shorter stem.
  38. I've never run it myself, but I have installed SX & NX on bikes and I wasn't really impressed. The tolerances were very poor and the shifting was very finicky. I can't say that I was impressed. It seemed to me like it was just a CHEAP way to get 12 spd and my thoughts were that money would have been better spent on better 11 spd (or 10) stuff. Consider me intrigued with this Shimano release. Cheers, CJB
  39. If a corgi can clear it, was it really ever there? #JackHandey #deepthoughts
  40. throet

    Buds Required

    Don't know about you cats, but despite the barber shops opening tomorrow, I'm intending to let my freak flag fly! No haircut for me dammit!
  41. I really had my fingers crossed when the TABC came up for Sunset Review. Such a worthless and redundant agency. But they squeaked by and still continue.
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