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  1. 1x with a wide range cassette, clutch derailleur, and narrow/wide chainring is really, really nice. The added bonus (and really should be considered part of your 1x upgrade) is getting an under-bar mounted dropper switch. Right thumb shifts. Left thumb drops. You'll immediately find yourself using your dropper more often and more effectively.
  2. No one will notice. Probably. https://www.ebay.com/i/152647449982?chn=ps
  3. I agree that pushing your bike forward is definitely the best approach for taking drops like this. It's also the way to get into a manual if you roll that way. Much easier to progress because you use the same approach for a 5" drop that you use for a 5' drop. I will say that the only time I really have to do something different is when there is a nice rock right where I want to put my rear wheel that is begging to ding my rim. In these cases, I'll actively try and manage the bike more and lift or scrub accordingly. The last thing I want to be worrying about when taking a drop is timing.
  4. If you are tired of this: Kali’s most popular enduro-style half-shell just got a whole lot better, thanks to the addition of a Low Density Layer (LDL) Or this: My fault. I wouldn't want to mix you up with that scoundrel Davis Green I hear he wears lycra and goes slow. You have two options: Click this button in the bottom of the new thread text box window after pasting your text. o OR copy your text into a blank notepad document and re-copy and paste it into the new thread text box.
  5. Unashamedly running 3x9 also. Just not worth the swapout to me yet. Pull the front der cable and you can have 1x9 all day. Better than 1x11 cuz less is more. That reminds me, time to bleed the bb7's!
  6. I really enjoyed the Mojo thread and wanted to keep it alive, hopefully. I wish that it could somehow all get copied and pasted here. http://www.bikemojo.com/speak/14-austin-voodoo/95861-apologies-jeff-foxworthy-you-might-trail-builder-if.html I thought about that thread when I was power washing some clothes outside just now.
  7. Started working on cutting the overgrowth on Lower Picnic today. Still more to do, but I was starting to run low on gas (the brush hog and myself) so called it quits for the day.
  8. I lost 1 minute over the last week, but I'm sure you're not measuring Glacier flow as a unit for success
  9. PNW Components for the win, unless $$ is no issue then go BikeYoke Revive. 😄
  10. I'm curious what it means that the 520+ has Trailforks. The new 530 has very nice Trailforks integration and loads map data automatically. It can tell you which way to turn if there is a fork in the trail, if it senses that you've paused. I don't think the 520+ can do that but I'd love to hear if it does. So, the 530 is supposed to make off road navigation much, much more feasible with the unit than before. The mobile app also marks the last location where it had connectivity to your Garmin so that you can go find it if you lose it. This seems like a no-brainer and I'm not sure why they didn't have that before and why they wouldn't add that as a feature of the app for older BLE connected devices... https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/04/garmin-edge-530-cycling-gps-in-depth-review.html
  11. That's what front suspension is for. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. You dont need to manual, just get low and push your bars forward. You need much less timing to hit a drop this way.
  13. He can ride his Yeti Stache! You are brilliant as usual.. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. For those with light backgrounds, the dark background users look like this: Opposite is this:
  15. I agree, the previous (quite old, now) Garmin I had at least had a touch screen, it's somewhat annoying they didn't put one in the 520/520+. Would not buy another without a touchscreen. ..Al
  16. No it sends out a text using your phone and whomever you set up the contacts to be- up to 3. When it first went off I was standing there think WTF is that noise, by the time I figured it out it had sent the alert. Had to then call the Mrs and my Mother to stand down. Its really a decent feature- three of the four times I went down I could see why it went off, One of them I thought was a little touchy. From my memory- Crash, 5 seconds later it started alerting you, you have 20 seconds to stop the alert. You cant stop it from the GPS unit, you have to get your phone out and kill the alert using Garmin Connect. So you can imagine depending on the situation, untangling yourself from your bike/ brush, getting to your phone needs to be fairly quick to not send it out. 1. OTB- Couldnt figure out what the noise was- sent alert 2. Stopped Hard- off the side of bike down a slope- I was upside down tangled in brush had to untangle- barely stopped alert. 3. 2 X, Stopped hard on an uphill- came down easy on side- easy enough to stop alert
  17. https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/edge520/EN-US/GUID-F109FB24-B55D-49D2-B388-D042E7FBA965.html "When an incident is detected by your Edge® device with GPS enabled, the Garmin Connect Mobile app can send an automated text message and email with your name and GPS location to your emergency contacts."
  18. Going 1x9 may be an easy way for you to quickly solve this problem. I did this years ago on my 26er. I realized that I never touched the big ring and only occasionally used the granny. So I removed them and went 1x9. Basically I had ~95% of the range that I had before and was missing out on only the steepest climbing gear. Then I realized that a little more climbing help was needed so I dropped to 30T on the front. That $35 investment in a RaceFace narrow-wide chainring gave me a little more climbing room, and I dropped some of the top end crunching for riding on pavement (which I only did in the EB...) Eventually I changed out the cassette and derailleur for a 10-speed (which is really cheap now as it gets to end of life) and bought myself some additional range. Eventually tossed on an extended cassette, a 42T which I generally don't recommend. Sunrace is the only company making a 42T 10-speed cassette and it is crappy, I much prefer the Shimano, but those top out at 36T. If you wanted to go all the way up to 11-speed you get some additional climbing power. But, that becomes a more expensive proposition. Even so, going all the way up to 11-speed is probably still cheaper than a Garmin. And depending on how you ride, the simplicity of 1X setup is something that you will benefit from every day, all the time, where a Garmin (for maps) will really only benefit you on those occasions where you get lost. Now, let's talk about that Garmin. First, the 520 is not good for maps, I have one and it is mediocre at best. If you want a Garmin to help you when you get lost you are looking at the 800 series. I would not buy a x20 series, if you are going to spend the money, go with the newer x30 series, which are $300 for the 530 and $400 for the 830 (the one you would need). While I ride with a 520 on my stem all the time, I do it for stats. It is incredibly useful in helping me know how long I have been riding, how much climbing I have done, my average speed and all the other nerdy stuff that I want to know. But it is not essential. I miss it when I have forgotten to pack it, but it is also liberating at times to not be staring at it. If I was concerned about riding my way when I get lost, I'd use my smartphone, which is way better with a larger screen. Yeah, you have to stop and pull it out, but when you are lost, stopping is THE most important thing you can do. Trying to figure out your way while you are riding might just put you more off course. Here's some simple math:
  19. Those BB7 bleed kits are as rare as hen's teeth.
  20. Does he have a friend that is a good mechanic? If so, we should talk about droppers.....
  21. You must mean “how long before you go ride the California mountains?”
  22. If you build a feature on top of another feature, is that a B line?
  23. Just rode Peddlers and who is out there with the family digging.......Ronan. Damn, cant thank you enough.
  24. LOL, just saw this photo on Facebook, guess that tree on Gumdrop has come all the way down!
  25. Good point- what features do you "need" on a GPS unit? Unless they have gotten much better in recent years, GPS for navigating trails is useless. Or is it? I used my phone with Strava to record my rides, then a cheap Garmin watch, then bought a used Fitbit Surge a few months ago. Of course those are not helpful for navigation but I just want to know what time it is, how much longer I can be out before my wife gets mad, and upload it later so I can recall places I have ridden and if I am keeping up with the other local Freds.
  26. My current bike is a 2X and I've rented several 1X bikes. It's so much nicer not having that front derailleur. However, I did snap the chain on one of those 1X bikes, so I'm wondering if the bikes with 12 rings on the back have weaker chains. Looking forward to my next bike being 1X. I do use a dedicated GPS (Garmin 520 Plus), but I don't really use it for navigation when I'm on mountain bike trails. I mainly use it to to see my current distance and time and to record my ride so I can upload it to the InTeRwEbS afterwards. You can do all this with a smartphone as well, and there are various mounts available to stick your phone on your handlebars or stem. If you crash, though, you risk damaging your phone. A dedicated GPS will allow you to ride much longer while still recording, without draining your phone battery. If I need to see where I am and get my bearings (usually only on trails I'm not familiar with), I'll use my phone, which has a much larger screen and significantly better maps. ..Al
  27. https://www.filthymotorsports.com/King_OEM_Land_Cruiser_Shocks_p/king-25001-266.htm Back on track!
  28. That does look fantastic! But could you please reach out to someone and have them re-route the trail the other direction? I wall ride much better to the left.... -CJB
  29. I have the Scott Comp- I like it I'd surely buy that at that price.
  30. The Josh N Josh Show. Threw down a solid first effort on Peddlers Pass. 32 mins and that's with sessioning a few spots and stopping for a group ride of little bellas for a bit and pulling over to let one few riders pass. I gotta say that was pretty fun. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  31. Also, if he does get it for that price, decides it isn't going to work out, could probably ebay/craigslist it and make a nice profit.
  32. Spitting distance from Big Bear! if the suspension & drivetrain is in decent shape that's pretty cheap for a 120 f/r bike. I'd definitely expect to spend money on maybe rings or cassette on 4 yr old bike. He's going to want something REAL mountain capable in that area. I'd think a lower end hardtail would be fairly discouraging.
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